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Dragnet Net Attenuator

Impact Absorption Inc. of Plainview, New York, distributes crash cushions like the Tau-II® Redirective Attenuator and also trailer-mounted attenuators to protect your road workers. Our road safety equipment company creates cost-effective barriers and crash cushions for your needs. Let us show you how we can help you with our Dragnet Work-Zone Net Attenuator.

Dragnet Net Attenuator

The Dragnet system is a net-type attenuator. It provides a safe, controlled stop with minimum damage to the impacting vehicle, regardless of speed or vehicle size. The Dragnet system, with its ability to span any road width, is ideal for use in work zones, truck emergency run-off ramps, median openings, "T" intersections and other road closures. 

When mounted on towers, the Dragnet system offers the safest and most economical protection for railroad crossings, border crossings, reversible lanes and moveable bridges. It provides positive protection allowing the establishment of a secure and yet forgiving perimeter.


Dragnet System

Dragnet (VAB) Brochure
Dragnet (VAB) Installation Manual