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Truck Arresting Systems (TAS) 

Impact Absorption Inc. of Plainview, New York, distributes crash cushions like the Tau-II® Redirective Attenuator and also trailer-mounted attenuators to protect your road workers. Our road safety equipment company creates cost-effective barriers and crash cushions for your needs. Let us show you how we can help you with our Truck Arresting System (TAS) Attenuator.

TAS - Truck Escape Ramp System

The Dragnet™ Truck Arresting System (TAS) for runaway truck ramps consists of a series of vehicle restraining devices (Energy Absorbers and Barrier Nets). The restraining devices are mounted in concrete median barriers located on each side of the escape ramp. Should an out-of-control truck enter the ramp, it will sequentially encounter the restraining devices.

Each absorber provides a constant restraining force throughout the allowed run-out distance. The force in the system increases until the kinetic energy is absorbed to bring the truck to a safe stop. The first net in the series is designed to stop out-of-control automobiles as well as trucks and is different from the balance of the nets used in the system.


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TAS Installation Manual

Truck Stopped

The TAS saved this driver's life and he gets to go home to his family.